Know Your Business, Industry, and Geography

Risk indices and trended data for any use case

High-level Trends


BIG Index (0-1000)

An overall health score encompassing Business data combined with Industry and Geo indices


Industry Index (0-1000)

High-level industry health score taking into account data and attributes from businesses in the same industry


Geo Index (0-100)

High-level geographic health score looking at job and unemployemnt trends, and more.

Macro Attributes

Macro Attributes

Industry Trends

Granular data at NAICS/2/4/6 and SIC4 levels:

  • Job trends
  • Revenue trends
  • Layoff & headcount trends
  • Income trends
  • Salary trends
  • and more...

Macro Attributes

Geo Trends

Aggregated at ZIP, MSA or higher:

  • Housing market trends
  • Job trends
  • Layoffs trends
  • Unemployment trends
  • Income trends
  • Salary trends
  • and more...

Business-Level Data

Business Data

Business Basics

US-wide business entity resolver:

  • NAICS-6 industry matching
  • Normalized business name
  • Normalized business address
  • Normalized business URL

BusinessMatch →

Business Data

Business Extended

Business Basics plus:

  • Company revenue
  • Company headcount
  • Business operation status
  • Layoff trends
  • Job openings
  • And more...

Easy API Integration

Built with security and ease-of-use in mind.

Example Input


Business Data

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