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A Brief History

Emerging from Spring Labs towards the end of 2017, Livesight was among the pioneers to embrace its unique tokenization technology. By harnessing these privacy-preserving technologies, we established the first-ever secure data sharing platform dedicated to consumer lenders. This platform currently hosts approximately 18 million tokenized records and continues to grow at a rapid pace, powering a diverse range of business and consumer intelligence products. In September 2022, this suite of intelligence products was officially rebranded as Livesight.



The Business Intelligence API

BusinessMatch: leading business entity resolution with our product, matching to 6-digit NAICS industry code

BusinessMatch+ provides a further 40+ business attributes like tax liens, judgement, UCC filings, revenue, employee count, normalized company name, layoff notifications, and more.

Industry and Geo Trends

Anticipate External Factors that Might Affect a Business

Actionable scores and attributes to anticipate upcoming macro and microeconomic disruptions

Trends: layoffs, upcoming unemployment, macro and microeconomic disruptions - by industry and by geography

Income Stability Indicators (ISI): predict if an employer is likely to be affected by upcoming disruptions

Consumer Lending

Income Intelligence for Lenders

Income Misrepresentation: reduce additional verification referrals by predicting the likelihood of income overstatement at the time of application

Peer-verified Income: reduce costly VOE/I by accessing verification work your peer lenders have already completed, leveraging Spring Labs' secure data network technology

Easy API Integration

Built with security and ease-of-use in mind.

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