BusinessMatch matches any business, even the invisible ones, to its Secretary of State (SOS) articles of registration, OFAC sanctioned lists, matched EIN, business owners, business licenses, NAICS/SIC industry codes, website, social media profiles and web presence, quickly, affordably, and accurately.


95%+ US coverage, including invisible businesses

State level and nationwide search to surface hidden insights

Fresh SOS data including registration status, filing date, corporate structure, registered agents and business officers

Accurate & Enriched

Accurate matching powered by proprietary entity resolution engine

Enhanced with EIN matching capability, directly from IRS

Enriched with firmographics such as industry code, website, headcount, revenue, etc.

Fast & Cost-Effective

Fast API response: < 1 sec.

Cost-effective solution for top-of-funnel efficiency

Minimal required data inputs: business name and ZIP code

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