Income Misrepresentation Index

IMI assesses the likelihood of income overstatement by profiling a borrower's income. It analyzes the borrower's income and employment stability, leveraging aggregated data on income, credit, and macro and microeconomic risk factors related to the borrower's employer, industry, and geography.


Powered by extensive consumer income data, backed by a consortium of consumer lenders with 30 million records.

Wide-ranging risk indicators cover layoffs, unemployment claims, job postings, and salary trends

High-coverage scores covering over 95% of US employers and regions, including sole proprietorships


Predictive score gauging the risk of borrowers overstating their income by 20% or more.

Highly effective in identifying income overstatements leading to loan delinquencies.

Orthogonal to traditional credit and risk scores

Fast & Cost-effective

Fast API response: < 1 sec.

Cost-effective solution for top-of-funnel efficiency

Minimal required data inputs: employer name and ZIP code

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